Salman Khan with Zhu Zhu in the 'Main Agar' teaser of Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

It’s been a long while since we’ve been waiting to catch a glimpse of Salman Khan and his Tubelight co-star Zhu Zhu in one frame. But ever since the ‘Tubelight’ craze has begun to take over, we hardly saw the Chinese actress, albeit in one or two scenes in the first trailer. The wait is over. Today, the makers of the film released a quick teaser of the song ‘Main Agar’ wherein Salman and Zhu Zhu can be seen in a very beautiful moment together.

Salman, Matin and Zhu Zhu in a still from Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

It seems that Matin, the little Chinese child actor plays Zhu Zhu’s son in the film. Though Salman has been seen with Matin in many frames, we feel the team of ‘Tubelight’ saved sharing Salman’s equation with Zhu Zhu (she’s one sizzling actress. Check out her personal life photos here) for the last few days.


And the countdown to the film’s release has already begun, we can see new glimpses from the film each day. In the teaser that released on social media today, Salman can be seen showing his deepest empathy to a very depressed Zhu Zhu. Needless to say, the actress is looking gorgeous even in the emotional scene, and the chemistry of these two has added to the excitement for the movie, since this is the first time a Chinese actress has been cast in a Salman film.

Checkout the teaser in the link below…

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It is on Twitter too. Just in case you can’t access the Insta link, the Twitter link is right below….

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Tubelight, starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan and Zhu Zhu, along with late Om Puri is set in the backdrop of Indo-Chinese war and showcases how it affects the deep brotherly bond between Salman and Sohail. The film releases on June 23.