Matin Rey Tangu (picture courtesy: india)

The past few days have been quite intense and crazy for Bollywood actor Salman Khan as his upcoming film Tubelight is just a day from it’s release. The star recently introduced to us his little friend and co-actor Matin Rey Tangu who has been reaching hearts with his cute looks and an adorable personality. The boy is such a star that he literally shut down a reporter who asked him a racist question during the promotional event. Scroll down to take a look at his audition tape.

Matin’s audition tape was released posted on social media by Salman Khan himself where the little one looks really cute and adorable. You can also see how wonderfully he talks. No wonder he got the role out of the many who auditioned.


Both Matin and Salman had a great time while shooting for the film and the chemistry between the two was literally undeniable during the promotions.