WATCH: This old interview of Shah Rukh Khan will make you realize the dynamic actor he’s always been!

When we think of Bollywood and romance, the first name to come to over minds is Shah Rukh Khan. The celebrity and actor who has ruled our hearts for years is not only one of the most successful men from the film industry but also the richest actor in the world. After finishing almost 100 movies, Shah Rukh Khan has maintained the title of King of Bollywood and is one guy we can never replace in the film industry.

Shah Rukh Khan (picture courtesy: youtube)

Shah Rukh Khan (picture courtesy: youtube)

Most of you who are SRK fans do know the struggle he has gone through to get where he is today. From giving several flops one after the other, Shah Rukh’s career took time to soar until he signed up for Darr. And indeed, he has been through a lot to become the King Of Bollywood. In the video, you are about to see Shah Rukh’s personal interview about doing films and how his journey has been. It is quite an old video so the quality isnt upto the mark but notice Shah Rukh’s words carefully. You are going to be amazed seeing how intelligent and smart SRK has always been when it comes to his career. No wonder he’s irreplaceable.

Shah Rukh Khan today is recognized as the richest actor of the Indian film industry. He is also a businessman and the face of several brands across the country. He also owns Kolkata Night Riders for the IPL and has a 6000 crore worth business. Now that is what you call a ‘shehensha’