Zhu Zhu has been told not to fly to India by the Chinese government (Pic Courtesy: thenewyorktimes.com)

Chinese actress Zhu Zhu who has debuted in Bollywood with Salman Khan’s Tubelight has aroused the curiosity of millions. All Salman fans as well as film lovers have been wondering how the Chinese filmstar would be looking in the film along with all the Indian co-actors (we’ve seen many foreign imports in our films, but those from China have not been so frequent), how her chemistry with Salman will be and what’s her role? Will she be speaking in Hindi or English in the movie? Nothing has been known so far.

Salman Khan and Zhu Zhu in a still from Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: instagram)

While a lot has been said about the little Chinese actor Matin Rey Tangu, nothing has been said or revealed much about Zhu Zhu. What’s more? Zhu Zhu has also been kept away from Tubelight’s promotions. Just a day left for the film’s release and we still have not seen her in any of the behind-the-scenes video neither has she been seen giving any interviews. As to why has she been kept away from the film’s marketing — here’s the speculated answer.

Zhu Zhu bonding with Salman and Kabir Khan on the sets of Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/zhuzhuclubheaven)

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While Tubelight director Kabir Khan has been quoted as saying, “She’s busy in China. Her schedule didn’t let her fly to India, that’s why she is missing”, here’s the inside story. “The Chinese government isn’t too pleased with Tubelight and have apprehensions about how Kabir Khan and team have projected their country in this film. Considering that the film deals with Ind0-Chinese war they are not sure if the Chinese have been projected in a very good light. And that’s why Zhu Zhu has been asked to stay away from the film’s promotions,” reports bollywoodlife.

Zhu Zhu, Matin Rey Tangu and Salman Khan in a still from Tubelight (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

Despite Salman Khan and Bollywood’s growing international fame, we wonder why did the Chinese government get such a misunderstanding about the script of Tubelight? Also, as per reports and reviews, China is  not shown in such a bad light in the film.

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