SO INSENSITIVE: Twitter age-shamed Rishi Kapoor after his Indo-Pak cricket match tweet (Pic Courtesy: YouTube/Twitter)

Rishi Kapoor is a Bollywood veteran and is popular for his films in the 90s. In the current era, Rishi is more known for taking jibes at people via some really mean tongue-in-cheek comments via his Twitter account. Recently, Rishi Kapoor commented on the Pakistan team having entered the finals. And in turn got ‘age shamed’ as hell by Pakistanis.

Above is what he wrote. And the actor would have not imagined what would follow his tweet. What initially began as a rebel against his Pakistan and ‘blue’ comment,  ended up on a rather ‘personal’ note, where people attacked the actor’s age. Here’s what he received via comments on this tweet.


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A few comments later, Rishi was attacked with multiple shameless comments like “Buddha Sathya Gaya Hai” and even “I guess age ho gayi hai apki. Kab Nikal Rahe ho Upar?”

Some even went to the extent of saying that it’s no more the senior actor’s job to poke his nose into matters of national interest. “Is budhe ko kaho ja ke allah allah kare. Iski umar nahin hai ab Twitter pe Chawlain marni ki”


Later on, the actor realised that his tweet did not go down well with many twitter users. Hence, he even took initiative to explain his feelings to a few of those who replied to his comments. One Pakistani citizen wrote, “We love to watch Pak Vs India, who will play better will win. We should appreciate if India wins and expecting same from ur side as well.” To this Rishi replied, “Yessss that’s the Spirit.”


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And the seasoned actor concluded the series of tweets saying, “Correct. This should be the spirit. Not abusive like others. All is fair in love and cricket. You love yours, I will love mine. Let best win.”
We agree, that should be the spirit.

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