Prabhas, the Telugu Heartthrob is all set to make his Bollywood debut as all the Producers and Directers in B-Town set their eyes on the Baahubali Actor to cast him in their films and seems, Rohit Shetty will win the race. However, the actor has given his nod to ‘Saaho’ after putting rest on all the rumours and his new look for Saaho is what’s new performing on the Internet.

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Salman Khan and Baahubali actor Prabhas to team up with this Director

If the speculation of his Bollywood debut is gonna be true then all the fans of Salman Khan can celebrate it for seeing both actors together on the Big screens. Rohit Shetty is plotting to cast Prabhas opposite Salman Khan in his next directorial. According to the reports in DNA, there will not only be Prabhas but also Salman Khan will be a part of it. There has been no confirmation either from the director or the actors’ side yet. However, looking at the public demand for Prabhas, this will surely work wonders on the silver screen!

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Initially, Karan Johar was also very much keen to direct Baahubali Actor through his production which has not been proved true. Besides this, the shoot for Saaho has already begun in Hyderabad and soon be moved to Mumbai for some prime scenes based on rainy streets. What irked many is his shaved look for Saaho as his Baahubali look was loved by everyone. According to sources close to the film, this was not his final look! In fact, they assured that Prabhas will be back with his moustache and beard and in an even more new avatar!

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