Virat Kohli, of late, is being talked about his beard that girlfriend Anushka Sharma absolutely adores. What’s more – she’s in no mood to see her beau shave it off, and has even told him via social media that his beard should stay. Besides his game and his girlfriend, here’s one thing that is often talked about the cricketing star.

Virat Kohli (Pic Courtesy:

And that’s the whopping amount the actor spends on water. No, we ain’t talking about his water bill, we’re talking about his drinking water. Reportedly, Virat Kohli drinks mineral water that costs Rs. 600 per litre. And going by the fact that his water intake is no less than 3-4 litres a day, the amount goes upto 70,000- 1 lakh per month.

The popular cricketer is so particular about his Evian water that he takes it with him even on tours. Nothing replaces his mineral water bottle.

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