Shah Rukh Khan in Tubelight trailer (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)
Shah Rukh Khan in Tubelight trailer (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

The much awaited trailer of Salman Khan’s upcoming Eid release ‘Tubelight’ is out and fans are beyond excited. The launch has taken place, the trailer has been watched by millions of fans, the scenes and songs are highly applauded. But not many noticed or rather overlooked that yet another superstar was a part of the promo of this film that is already touted as the upcoming blockbuster of the year.

When Salman and Shah Rukh came together and the whole world began to chant – Mere Karan Arjun Ayengein (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

The fact that Shah Rukh Khan was also a part of the much loved trailer of this flick directed by Kabir Khan. But his scene was such a quick blink-and-you-missed-it act that most of those who watched the two-and-a-half-minute trailer failed to spot him clearly.

Did you spot this person in the trailer? That is Shah Rukh Khan with his signature pose (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

It was known to one and all that SRK will be  a part of the film. The actor shot his small — but impactful part in the film — many, many months ago. “It’s an interesting, exciting role. It’s a cameo that was screaming for a superstar. I went to Shah Rukh and told him that there is a cameo role for him and he graciously said yes and did it,” Kabir told the media recently.

And yes, the actor does play the role of magician in it. The magician who makes Salman realise his hidden superpower and makes him believe in it. Ain’t this another benefit to the film that it has two superstars?

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Watch the trailer and spot Shah Rukh Khan yourself…..

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