Kangana Ranaut (picture courtesy: tanuwedsmanu)

After being linked with so many reknowned celebrities and stars, Kangana Ranaut has finally spoken up about her personal life and damn! This is something we didn’t expect. The actress who is apparently turning 30 in March has spoken to the press about getting married sometime within this year. Scroll down to find out more.

Kangana Ranaut (picture courtesy: tanuwedsmanu)

While speaking to Hindustan Times, Kangana said

“Yes, it’s true. The kind of world we live in, the whole dating scene has become very upsetting. Everyone is looking above everyone’s shoulders in a bid to find a better ‘partner’. There has to be a commitment in a relationship. And dating is frivolous, no matter how intense it is, as there’s no real sense of commitment. So, I would want to go the serious way. That’s what I plan and I will do it this year. It’s very hard to be single, especially when your family doesn’t live with you. There’s no one watching your back and you really cannot rely on anyone.”

We guess that’s really good news for Kangana. The actress is ready to settle down and she seems very serious about the whole thing. She also added another statement during the interview:

” People find it surprising that I am young and I don’t have to get married now. However, I don’t think career and marriage are interlinked. Age has nothing to do with marriage. But I turn 30 this March and I should have babies (she laughs). Even marriage is not important for babies but to have a family of your own is everyone’s dream. One can get lonely in the film world, especially when you are an actor.”


Career wise, Kangana is going pretty strong. Her upcoming film Rangoon is slated to release next month in February.