WOW! Shah Rukh Khan has THIS AMAZING surprise planned for Gauri Khan on their 25th anniversary!

Shah Rukh Khan and his beautiful wife Gauri have been one Bollywood’s most loved and respected couples since the 1990s. The two are completing 25 years of their married life tomorrow and as far as we have heard, there are some plans SRK has already made for his darling wife. Like we all know, SRK is busy shooting in Lisbon for Imtiaz Ali’s The Ring and has quite a lot of work on his shoulders. But being the romantic person that he is, Shah Rukh still has something VERY special in mind for his ladylove.

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan (picture courtesy: aamproject)

Shah Rukh Khan and Gauri Khan (picture courtesy: aamproject)

A latest report has revealed to us that Shah Rukh will keep his celebration very close and private. He will include some of his close friends apart from his family. Gauri will be the star of the party and will receive some special treatment we are yet to know about. The couple also hosts a Diwali party every year so there’s a lot the Khan family has already planned. What would be really exciting is to see what SRK actually does for Gauri on their special day. On a recent interactive session with the media, the actor revealed that despite being an actor for 20 years, SRK has never allowed his personal life to be affected by his professional one. He has met some really lovely looking women and had beauty queens as his co actresses but none of that ruined their relationship.

While talking about his busy schedule, King Khan mentioned that the freshness of his marriage is still very intact as he always makes time for his special lady. Now that is seriously something to learn from SRK, isnt it?

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