Ram Gopal Varma's Instagram account can be called dirtier than a shitpot (Pic Courtesy: instagram)

Ram Gopal Varma is known more for his ‘outspoken ways’ than making films – which is his primary job (or so we think). And his latest favourite timepass is — posting seductive and sleazy stuff on his Instagram page.  Explicit sexual content inclusive of naked women – either making love or undressing themselves – is what RGV’s account is brimming with, ever since he joined Instagram. And his fans and followers are left wondering – ‘what the hell is wrong with him?’

Initially, we thought Ram Gopal Varma is obsessed with his own films, so he is sharing explicit stuff from his film ‘Guns and Thighs’.

But two days ago, when she shared this embarrassing picture of Sania Mirza, it began to tickle our brains as to what is this man upto, and what does he want?

Then we realised that it’s not Sania, it’s his mind. He can visualise ‘sex’ in everything he sees.

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Is this a Woman in Love or a Ghost biting his Neck?

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And he has the audacity to share those gross things too with his fans and followers. 54.7k followers, to be precise. All are being exposed to his vision of women and their bodies.

Covering just the face is ultimate nudity

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This is what I call double power and I thank God from the bottom of my soul for creating them

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We seriously think Ram Gopal Varma is short of work. He must focus on making films. Though his recent short film  ‘Main Sunny Leone Banna Chahti Hoon’ is being talked about widely, he needs to shift his focus on more meaningful scripts that have less to do with nudity and objectification of the female bod.

Even I wouldn't mind being bitten like that butt in the mouth,but if and only if the biter is her ?

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RGV is making us feel that if an ideal mind is a devil’s workshop, the devil must be a sexoholic or a womaniser.

And no, it’s not that on some days he posts such provoking images. He does it everytime, and has continued to cross his limits each day, by sharing stuff that is redefining ‘sleaziness’ (read: crass and cheap, very cheap).

Now, if the above post does not make you feel what we are iterating, this below post will make you shout out loud that — This man has lost it — completely. Dear Instagram, kindly consider suspending RGV’s account. If not, at least hide his identity of ‘belonging to Bollywood’. We don’t want that on his profile anymore!

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