BOX OFFICE: Dangal’s official collections have proved Aamir Khan’s standing in Bollywood!

Aamir Khan in Dangal (picture courtesy: inuth)

Aamir Khan has officially proved himself as the perfectionist of the Indian film industry. The legendary actor has created records at the box office in ways we had never imagined. With the recent box office collections of Dangal, we have no doubt how far Aamir’s career shall be soaring in the future. Scroll down to find out it’s latest box office report as of now.

Aamir Khan in Dangal (picture courtesy: inuth)

After collecting 10.80 crores on Saturday, Dangal has crossed 330.96 crores at the box office. This means the film is just a day or two away from crossing PK’s collections and become the biggest grosser of 2016 in Indian cinema.


There’s definitely something different about Dangal as a film. We aren’t talking about the star casting but the overall content of the film. Making women wrestle is something big in a country like India and to be able to bring that out so beautiful is indeed a lot of hard work. The entire team of Dangal must be congratulated for breaking such stereotypes that breeds within our society. Also in terms of performance, the film has done exceptionally well. We can’t imagine how far their careers are about to soar in the future.