Dangal and Sultan (picture courtesy: india)

Aamir Khan’s upcoming film Dangal is slated to release this Friday and fans cannot hold on to their seats. Just like you all know, Dangal has the same storyline as Salman Khan’s Sultan which has not only increased curiosity among film critics but also have both Aamir and Salman fans eager to know what exactly will happen once the film hits the theatres. Sultan was a massive success as it earned approximately 36 crores on the first day itself. However, box office experts believe that Dangal may not earn more than 30 crores on the opening day.

Dangal and Sultan (picture courtesy: india)

A latest source suggests that Aamir’s film would have a tough time to make it to the highest opening day of the year, especially since a film like Sultan has done so well already.

Sultan has scored roughly 36 crores on the day before Eid which is pretty big itself. Yes, it will be a regular Friday and people will watch the show on Sunday being Christmas especially. However, in terms of popularity, Salman Khan has been highly favoured instead of Aamir. ( Read more Salman Khan’s SHOCKING Reaction To Aamir Khan’s Dangal Trailer !)

Another trade expert left a really powerful statement regarding their prediction for Aamir Khan’s Dangal. Read below.

 “It would be quite tough though for Dangal to come anywhere close to the Rs 30 cr-mark. All his films have posted lower then Rs 30 cr on day one. Except Dhoom:3 which is a franchise and was a star-studded affair. For Dangal to surpass Sultan, the need of the hour would be for it to bring on the euphoria and craze of Dhoom: 3. Aamir’s films traditionally open on an excellent, albeit, not a record-breaking note. PK (2014) started with Rs 27 crore on its opening day. Talaash (2012) was Rs 13 crore while 3 Idiots (2009) was just Rs 12.5 crore,”

Although it is very clear that Dangal will be a massive success at the box office this year, we still think Sultan may still take the lead. Now it is all upto the audience to pick their favourite film!

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