Hindi Medium, the movie which has touched the very sensitive issue of the society now struggling to stick at the box office as long as it can. Due to the film’s weaker opening, it is still on the way to reach the benchmark of 100 Cr.

After having an opening of 2.81 crores at the box office, with more love showering on the second-day bookings, the result was even better on Day 2. The movie picked up on 1st Saturday, what with 4.25 crores coming in. Hindi Medium now stands with a total of 7.06 crores at the Box Office. Directed by Saket Chaudhary, Hindi Medium telling us about the struggle of parents to place their child in ENGLISH medium school as the language is the yardstick to measure sophistication and elitism in the film.

The film so far has received warm welcome by the audience and critics which is also tax-free in Maharashtra and Gujarat even before its release. Produced by T-Series and Maddock Films, the film was made on a budget of 22cr with recovery already on its way. The film has earned 15cr from digital, satellite, music and overseas rights. With box office collection already rising with each passing hour, the film needed to earn 7 crores only from theatrical to break even.