MOM and Guest In The London

Alongside Sridevi’s MOM, Paresh Rawal starrer Guest In London is also releasing on 7th July, the same day which will be seen the toughest competition with each other. Guest In The London is the sequel of Atithi Tum Kab Jaoge which got released in 2010 and earned the crown of hit film in that year. In the sequel, the movie has promised double comedy as the guest, Paresh Rawal will be accompanied by his wife also which will give the extra trouble to their family. Well, it is hard to predict which movie will do better on Box Office but according to the media reports, MOM will win the race. Scroll down to know why

MOM vs Guest In The London
MOM will beat Guest In The London

MOM has been in the limelight more than the comedy flick Guest In The London and has created lots of hype around social media. Whereas, Guest In The London could fall down due to its similar story line. The flick is revolving around Kartik, who is in a Live-In-Relationship with his girlfriend (Kriti Kharbanda) and their life has met with the trouble when Paresh Rawal and his wife (Tanvi Azmi) landed at their home as guests.

MOM box office
Sridevi, Nawazuddin Siddiqi and Akshay Khanna in MOM
 MOM will be garnered Rs 8 Crore on its first day leaving the comedy flick few step behind as the first-day collection of Guest In The London will be 5 Crore. Releasing worldwide, GIL has got 2250 screens in India and 2650 in the international market. Here’s the trailer of Guest In The London.