Tubelight Box Office collection day 19
Salman Khan in Tubelight. Image Source; Bollywood2017

Released on 23rd July 2017, Salman Khan’s Tubelight has completed its 19 days at Box Office. However, the movie hasn’t shown any growth and continues with the average note. Tubelight is an Indian war drama flick set in the backdrop of 1962 Indo-China War, in which, Salman Khan is seen as a dumb person who lives with his brother. The film is highly motivated by American war drama Little Boy to which Tubelight is failed to do a justice as it has a mixture of so many unnecessary characters. Just scroll down to know its day to day breakdown at Box Office including the day 19th.

Tubelight Box Office
Tubelight Box Office Collection day 18. Image Source; Reviewrating.Org
Day to Day breakdown

Tubelight 1st Day Box Office Collection: –     21 Cr.

Tubelight 2nd Day Box Office Collection: –    25 Cr.

Tubelight 3rd Day Box Office Collection: –   28 Cr.

Tubelight 4th Day Box Office Collection: –    22 Cr.

Tubelight 5th Day Box Office Collection: –   15 Cr.

Tubelight 6th Day Box Office Collection: –   10 Cr.

Tubelight 7th Day Box Office Collection: –   08 Cr.

Tubelight 8th Day Box Office Collection: –   05 Cr.

Tubelight 9th Day Box Office Collection: –   05.50 Cr.

Tubelight 10th Day Box Office Collection: –   06 Cr.

Tubelight 11th Day Box Office Collection: –   04.50 Cr.

Tubelight 12th Day Box Office Collection: –   04 Cr.

Tubelight 13th Day Box Office Collection: –   03.50 Cr.

Tubelight 14th Day Box Office Collection: –   02 Cr.

Tubelight 15th Day Box Office Collection:  –   01.50 Cr.

Tubelight 16th Day Box Office Collection: –    01.60 Cr.

Tubelight 17th Day Box Office Collection: –    02 Cr.

Tubelight 18th Day Box Office Collection: –    01.50 Cr.

Tubelight 19th Day Box Office Collection: –   01.30 Cr.

Tubelight box office day 15
Salman Khan in Tubelight

The sad news is also that Salman Khan will share the chunk of loss facing by Tubelight’s distributor as the actor’s father Salim Khan confirmed that they will compensate the distributors. He said ”When a distributor suffers the loss, a producer should take the responsibility and share the financial burden. We met few of them and are working towards a middle ground.” He further added ”All of us have to work together in the future. Hence, it is absolutely necessary that all the like-minded people come together and take a decision,”

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