Salman Khan Tubelight in Loss
Salman Khan have to pay compensation money to Distributors

Tubelight has been proved as the biggest disaster for the actor as the distributors are now emerging out for the compensation. At around 4 pm today Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment will be welcoming the unlikely visitors who claim that they have suffered a big hole in their pockets owing to Tubelight’s failure at Box Office. Distributors from several parts of the country have recently visited the main buyer of Tubelight, Narendra Hirawat who sold the movie to them.

Tubelight Box Office
Salman Khan song Radio from Tubelight

Narendra Hirawat was asked to compensate them but he denied while telling them that he’s in no state to recover the loss as he too had taken a big beating. Tubelight’s all India distribution was acquired by Narendra Hirawat for Rs 132 Crores wherein the loss has come out as a 50 percent of it. Now the entire group has decided to meet Salman Khan at his house and it will also include Salman’s father Salim Khan.

Tubelight box office
Salman Khan, Matin and Zhu Zhu in Tubelight
So how much will Salman Khan compensate for the losses? A source says, “He will take up about 30-35 percent on his shoulders. And mind you, it will be a very kind gesture. It has happened in the past that superstars and corporates have faced a similar situation and gracefully complied. But the million dollar question is: Stars are not responsible if films fail, but it is always them who are blamed. Anyway, let’s see what happens.” Now the question is, will Salman Khan pay the alimony to distributors or not? However, the actor is never responsible for the film’s poor performance and we are wishing good luck to Tubelight’s Actor.

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