Box Office India Exclusive: Nasha Trailer Review

Looks like Poonam Pandey’s Twitter tricks have finally landed her a film as steamy as her pictures. Nasha is the name of the film and its trailer is out.

Box Office India Exclusive: Nasha Trailer Review

The trailer opens with a voice (probably Poonam Pandey’s) describing the tricks of seduction teamed with steamy, sexy clips from the film and then showcasing the lady in question. The seemingly hot dame appears with a lad looking young enough to be her brother. ‘At first it was an attraction…’ appears on the screen followed by more seductive scene. The trailer further flaunts Poonam Pandey and an innocent looking lost lamb of a boy on the threshold of manhood looking at her in awe, with intervening words- ‘this turned into addiction…not all addictions are sacred… Some are taboo… From the director of Jism… In a world of temptation… Romance is temporary… Love is lonely… Addiction is forever…’

Judging from the trailer, the film is about a young boy’s obsession with a woman, an over whelming feeling more than he can handle. The Bhatts are famous for setting the silver screen on fire with sultry actresses. Seems like Nasha is an addition to that list.

Official Trailer