Box Office India Exclusive: Satya 2 Trailer Review

Ram Gopal Verma is back (again) with yet another underworld film, that too a sequel. Good or bad, depends entirely on your taste in films and whether you are tired of RGV films or not. Any which ways, I am going to give you a quick sneak-peek into the famous/infamous director-producer’s latest venture Satya 2.

Box Office India Exclusive: Satya 2 Trailer Review

The official trailer starts on sepia toned clips of Mumbai city and the following words appear on the screen, ‘After Dawood Ibrahim and Chota Chetan became inactive, many believe the underworld does not exixt any more… But as long as greed and rebelliousness exist in human nature… Underworld will never die… It just changes form.’ The lead actor appears on the screen with a heavy South Indian accent saying he wants to ‘open’ a company. He proclaims that he will not repeat the mistakes of Dawood and Chota Chetan by making his name a household synonym of terror. Clips of him with some sensual women appear and he calls himself Satya in between followed by him saying he is going to kill the biggest businessman, commissioner and the owner of a news channel of the city of Mumbai, and thus begin his reign. Followed by some more dialogues and the title of the film’Satya 2’ appears with its title track playing followed by ‘coming to reinvent underworld’ written.

There is no saying what to expect from this film. On one hand Ram Gopal Verma is known for his genius as an expert on underworld films, on the other hand he has given us film like James and Phnook which are unbearable. The trailer is stamped all over with RGV signature, maybe he will break his bad streak and make a comeback with a film as good as Satya.

Official Trailer