Box Office India: Ghanchakkar Wednesday Collections Declines

Box Office India: Ghanchakkar Wednesday Collections Declines

It’s ‘bye bye birdie’ for Ghanchakkar. After a decent start, thanks to the star cast of Vidya Balan and Emraan Hashmi, the film took a head on tumble from Monday onwards. Even though the acting was ok, and it did have a different theme, the execution was poor. Director Rajkumar Gupta seemed to have got confused midway and turned a film meant to be comedy into a semi-thriller, resulting into a utter disaster. After a misled audience thronged the theaters in the weekend and were disappointed, word of mouth have worked and the film saw a drastic dip in its collections from the beginning of the week.

 On Wednesday, the film managed to scrape 2.3crore at the domestic box office. Ghanchakkar will not survive next week with some major league release of Lootera, Policegiri and Hollywood release, The Lone Ranger.

Following is the box office collection of Ghanchakkar till date:

 Domestic Collections

1st Week  
Friday 07.20 crore
Saturday 07.30 crore
Sunday 07.80 crore
Monday 02.80 crore
Tuesday 02.50 crore
Wednesday 02.30 crore
Total Domestic Collections 29.90 crore
Total Overseas Collections 04.25 crore
Total Worldwide Collections 34.15 crore