Deepika Padukone –Ranveer Singh- Are They Dating?

Deepika Padukone –Ranveer Singh- Are They Dating?

What is with Deepika and her fascination with ‘battlefield-heroes’?! Confused?! Sorry, my bad, I just couldn’t resist myself having a go at the name Ranbir/Ranveer (meaning battlefield hero)! But seriously, what is it with this long legged lass and this name?! First she dated Ranbir Kapoor and went completely public about how blissfully in love she is, and had an equally publicized breakup with him. She briefly dated the good for nothing son of Vijay Mallya, Siddharth. And now the media is abuzz with her frequent sightings with Ranveer Singh.

Recently Dips and the Band Baaja Baraat boy were met at Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming film, Raam Leela. The onscreen couple obviously felt the sparks off-screen as well. They were spotted having dinner together a few days later. But the two claim that Bhansali asked them to spend some time together to know each other for the film. True or not, they did get to know each other pretty well.

If the rumors are to be believed, Ranveer secretly went to meet Deepika in Dubai, away from the Indian shutterbugs, while she was shooting for Race2 there. While there, Deepika not only took out time for a quite dinner with Ranveer, but the alleged lovebirds went dancing to a night club and had a blast together. A couple of months back, Ranveer took the pain (literally, coz he had injured his leg while shooting as was suffering at the time) to pay a visit to the lady in question at Wai where she was shooting for Chennai Express. Now that’s the spirit Ranveer! If you are going to woo a lady, then do it gallantly and in style! And speaking of style, which the two doesn’t lack in, Deepika and Ranveer were spotted last week, dressed formally, dining at a posh restaurant in Bandra. Fellow diners claimed that the two looked quite cozy together and decided to escape the media waiting outside the doors of the restaurant, and decided to leave separately. While Ranveer braved the front door, Deepika choose a quieter exit through the backdoor. And again the duo was seen in a coffee house, spending some quality time with each other till the wee hours in Bandra.

Evere since they met for Ram Leela’s workshop organized by Sanjay Leela Bhansali, the two have been captured together by ecstatic paparazzi, regular enough to mean that there is some fire behind all that smoke. So, is Deepika- Ranveer dating? Are they together? And is this a serious relationship, a keeper? Well, sadly, the two have maintained their ‘we are just friends’ statement. But ever since her breakup with Ranbir, Deepika has made it a point to keep her ‘affairs’ private. I’ll definitely tell you as soon as I find out the answer to these questions. But until then, we can all enjoy some spicy gossip with a cup of rumors!