Here’s who got arrested for robbing Kim Kardashian’s 10 million dollar jewellery from Paris!

Kim Kardashian (picture courtesy: 20 minutes)

Social media Goddess and one of the world’s most popular and desirable women, Kim Kardashian probably had the worst experience of her life a couple months ago. The 36 year old attended a fashion event at Paris after which she was robbed at her own apartment. Kardashian not only lost 10 million worth jewellery but also seemed severely traumatized after the event.

Here’s what we know so far on the matter.

Kim Kardashian (picture courtesy: 20 minutes)

Latest news tells us that around 17 people, including Kim’s driver in France have been arrested. All of them belong to different parts of France and some actually do belong to the underworld. Three of them are women and some are above the age of 50. The French radio and TV reports said that questioning will be carried out for four days approx.

Kim was seen having a gala time in Paris in the month of October. She attended several fashion shows, was spotted at several parties and also made time to update her fans on Instagram. On hearing the latest update regarding her robbery, Kim seemed really happy. The socialite also told the media that the thieves were wearing ski masks and clothes with police markings on it. They broke into her apartment at 3 am in the morning and literally took half her stuff away.

Even though Kim has been badly shaken on the matter, she is soon on her way to recovery. Her upcoming TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians have also put up a promotional clip to highlight the scene.