Exclusive: Issaq Tera: Isaaq Title Track Song Review

Exclusive: Issaq Tera: Isaaq Title Track Song Review

Sweet- one word for the title track from Issaq Tera.Issaq Tera’ is the perfect love song to be played while cooped up in a car with the love of your life as rain pours outside and just hold hands.

Prateik Babbar looks handsome and adorable at the same time in the song and new face Amrya Dastoor looks cute. Prateik might have built up ‘doley-sholey’ but his innocent puppy eyes are his USP. This new pair looks endearing together. The song is a celebration of first love, the feeling of floating in the air; it takes you back to the days when the entire world seemed to melt away when your sweetheart came into sight. The song tells the tale of a time every young, first time in love people, where they do anything to please the other.

The song has some scenes which tell us Preateik plays the role of a Hindu boy and Amrya is seen in a burqua. Now she might be a Muslim girl, we don’t know yet, but this love story might not be that simple.

The beautiful lyrics with a deeper meaning and has been written by Mohit Chauhan, and he has sung it equally well. Sachin-Jigar music director duo is on a roll right now. They have poured soul into the song with their music.

The song has such deep meaning, ‘haathon mein hai reit sa… issaq tera…’ so much is said in this line without saying anything. Love is like holding sand in closed hands, it will just slip through the gaps and all that will be left are few grains…

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