Exclusive: MTV Coke Studio Season 3: Zariya by A.R. Rahman Review: Extraordinary

Exclusive: MTV Coke Studio Season 3: Zariya by A.R. Rahman Review: Extraordinary

 Exclusive: MTV Coke Studio Season 3: Zariya by A.R. Rahman Review: Extraordinary

A.R. Rahman’s genius is unquestionable and once again he is all set to leave music lovers around the globe stunned in reverence of his symphony.

MTV Coke Studio will premier its 3rd season on 17th August 2013. Coke Studio is a show where singers, composers, lyricists, musicians, all come together to create a masterpiece in every episode. In the past two seasons, some existing songs were rediscovered while some were created from scratch. After the success of the first two seasons and the ever growing popularity of this program, there is no better way of premièring the new season than with a Rahman original called Zariya.

The maestro has given a new meaning to the term ‘world music’ with Zariya. He has brought together the musical essence from various parts of the world and blended a harmony which will take you on a spiritual journey. Nepalese Buddhist Monk Ani Choying Drolma opens the song with her soul stirring Buddhist chant. With a gong booming in between and Anandan Shivamani complimenting Drolma’s chant with his percussion, the feeling of floating above the ground in an enchanted forest encapsulates you.

Based on the theme of motherhood, compassion and happiness, the song eases into chorus Hindi lyrics, “Tu Zariya…”  The lyrics of Tu Zariya written by Prasoon Joshi serves the double purpose of offering a prayer to the almighty or to your mother, whoever sits at the highest pedestal in your life. Jordanian singer Farah Siraj takes over with her strong Middle Eastern style vocals and lights up the song as bright as her smile. The tempo of the song gradually picks up as the Indian and western instruments blend with Rahman’s master keyboard and a Buddhist Temple gong. Siraj, Drolma and the ladies singing chorus amalgamate together with the instruments galloping with them to create a hair raising crescendo that makes your heart beat faster  and your mind go calmer as the harmony comes to a smooth end on Siraj and Drolma’s captivating finishing vocals.

This musical journey that Rahman Sir takes you on feels like being surrounded by monks and fairies and unicorns under a twilight sky in an enchanted forest, giving you an immense sense of happiness, gratitude and serenity all at once. This is not just a song, but a work of art, a masterpiece in every sense. Upon its release, this piece is definitely going to give a grand start to Coke Studio Season 3 and send ripples to the farthest corners of the world.

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Composed & Produced by A.R.Rahman

Singers: Ani Choying Drolma, Farah Siraj
Lyrics: Traditional Jordanian Lyrics & Hindi Lyrics by Prasoon Joshi
Keys & Continuum Keyboard: A R Rahman
Percussion: Sivamani
Guitar: Prasanna
Guitar: Keba Jeremiah
Bass: Mohini Dey
Percussions: KKMC : Kahaan Shah, Yash Pathak, Pradvay Sivashankar, Suyash Medh
Backing Vocals: Abhilasha Chellum, Deblina Bose, Kanika Joshi, Prajakta Shukre, Sasha Trupati , Varsha Tripathy, Aditi Pual, Suchi, Rayhanah, Issrath Quadhri
String Section: Carol George, Herald E A, Francis Xavier P D, Vian Pereira
Creative Producer: Aditya Modi
Asst Music Director: Kevin Doucette
Music Programmer: Jerry Vincent
Post Production: Hari, Nitish Kumar
Recorded by: Steve Fitzmaurice, Ashish Manchanda, assisted by Darren Heelis & Raaj Jagtap
Mixed by: Jerry Vincent, R.Nitish Kumar and Kevin Doucette at Panchathan Record-Inn, Chennai.
Mastered by: Ashish Manchanda at Flying Carpet Productions, Mumbai