WOW! Did you notice Akshay Kumar carried THIS to the Vogue Beauty Awards?

Akshay Kumar recently won the award for being the 'Most Beautiful Man of the Decade' at the recently held Vogue Beauty Awards. The actor was at his...

Who looked THE BEST at the Vogue Beauty Awards? Here’s a look at our...

Vogue Beauty Awards 2017 had the finest of Bollywood royalty under a single roof. This award night was a glittery affair with a lot of sheer grandeur....
Katrina Kaif for Skin Tightning

VIDEO: You won’t believe what Katrina Kaif has done to TIGHTEN her skin!

You might not believe but Tiger Zinda Hai Actress has just shared her not so popular beauty hack with her fans and the surprising thing is that...

OOPS! Deepika Padukone had major WARDROBE BLUNDER at Oscars 2017

While the Celebs across all over the world at Oscar 2017 grabbing good headlines for their outfit but it is our DP who took reviews to another...

From Priyanka Chopra to Dev Patel that’s how everyone dressed up for Oscars 2017!

The most awaited award show of the year is an Oscar award which is always graced by the celebrities across all over the world. This year too...

Staying in Fashion With the Perfect Accessory

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Colorful Men’s Fashion

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The Influences in Streetwear Fashion

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The Importance of Hairstyles in Fashion

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What Will Prom Be Like In 100 Years?

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