A Non-bailable arrest warrant has been issued against Sathyaraj aka Katappa (Pic Courtesy: Youtube)

Katappa might be an innocent and rather ‘majboor’ murderer in the film ‘Baahubali’, but in real life, there are many legal and criminal accusations against him. So much so that a non-bailable arrest warrant has been issued against him, as well as many leading South actors.

Back in 2009, an actress from the South had slapped ‘prostitution’ charges against senior Tamil actor Sathyaraj (Katappa). Many newspapers had even published her accusations. Due to heavy protest by the accused actors, the newspaper had to print an apology for the published report. But the case didn’t end there. Sathyaraj was further even accused of defamation. Here’s what happened after that.

NEXT SLIDE – The judge refused to accept Katappa’s appeal and asked him to appear before the court