While we’re going gaga over Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, Deepika Padukone and Sonam Kapoor’s silhouettes at Cannes, here’s one under-hyped Indian actress who’s been to the much coveted film festival and even slayed the red carpet, but nobody is talking much about her. Amy Jackson was a graceful diva at the French Riviera, and here’s why we should be applauding her Cannes appearance.

  1. She wore a beautiful gown at the red carpet and neither went overboard or too loud with her choice of attire and makeup nor did she underplay her look that she would go unnoticed. We like her balanced look at this film festival and give her a good 9 on 10 for being able to rock it, even as she is not counted as one of those ‘awaited’ actresses at the event.

I got to wear my dream dress tonight, thankyou @georgeshobeika for such a stunning gown.

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2. She had her head upright on top of her heels at the festival. Remember how Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is usually quite over confident at the red carpet while Sonam Kapoor hardly even smiles, and makes us feel she skipped on the required eight-hour shut eye last night. Amy was quite herself at the event and had just the right attitude needed for a festival like this.


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3. It is Cannes ‘FILM’ festival, right? Often we forget that and end up talking more about the slips, the wardrobe malfunctions, the hot looks and the dull looks of divas at the red carpet. And that is all. Aishwarya, Deepika and Sonam are all representing the makeup giant ‘Loreal’  at the event. That is all. But Amy, is representing her own FILM at this film festival. The trailer of her upcoming Indo-British film ‘Boogieman’ will be screened at the festival. Kudos to her for being a part of a film like this.

Last night at the @evalongoria #GlobalGiftGala

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4. She has looked spectacular in almost all of her looks at the Cannes. And going by it, we feel she did not make much of a hoopla over her dresses, but rather chose to carry them off with enough poise and grace. That makes a lot of difference.


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5. Her choices away from the red carpet looks were a beautiful mix of casual and chic that actually took many fashion watchers by surprise. She even landed at the French Riviera in style and did not overdo a single outfit. Needless to say, she is usually under-hyped, despite her drop-dead gorgeous looks.

@kodak motion picture film #FilmsonFilm parrrrty ?

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Amy, we heart you. And we’re so looking forward to seeing you more on the silver screen.

Touchdown in the French Riviera with this hottie @kimberleygarner Bonjour Cannes ?? ?

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Recuperation Afternoon ??

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