Poonam Pandey's picture upload of International Yoga Day is only a few steps short of porno (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

Poonam Pandey is turning creative each year with her seductive social media uploads. So, this year on International Yoga Day (she’s been posing alluring photos and videos of her on this day since 3 years now), she didn’t really undress or pose in a two piece bikini or a cleavage revealing sporty racer back top. This time she played ‘fantasy’ with her followers. Here’s what she did.

So, this year’s visual and amorous treat for her fans was a rather covered up Poonam Pandey, with her tits on public display. As she sat in the Padmasana pose, it looked more like a celebration of ‘Kama Sutra’ day than a post on creating awareness on ‘Yoga’.

It’s surprising to see that the post had only 1.2 k likes, despite the seductress boasting of a whopping 842 k followers. This is because we’ve all had enough of Poonam Pandey’s hot bod. She came into existence around 7 years ago. And these so called ‘hot’ uploads are sadly, neither breaking nor developing any cracks on the internet.

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Below is what she posted yesterday. It’s a glimpse of her bikini bod, that again, failed to attract as many people on her Twitter page as she used to a couple of years ago. Dear Miss Pandey, you gotta do something really new or maybe find another job. This overexposure of your toned body is so monotonous for the world that nobody is turning their eyes towards you.

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Though we do agree that she has around 1 million followers on Instagram, we fear it’s only for erotica. And nothing else.