Justin Bieber’s DEMANDS for doing a CONCERT in India are SHOCKING, BIZARRE and HILARIOUS TOO!

Singer and popular musician from the United States, Justin Bieber is about to do a concert in India soon. The latest talent is soon to arrive in India and as far as we have heard, this guy has made some CRAZY demands that are about to blow your mind. Scroll down to find out what they are!

Justin Bieber (picture courtesy: Her Campus)

First and foremost, Bieber expects high level security which means he wants 2 Volvo buses at his disposal with an entourage of around 120 people along with a Rollys Royce. 10 luxury sedans will be present alongside for help. To make himself more secure, Bieber has also demanded for Z+ level security.  Not only that, Justin wants a private jet for himself. He wants a chopper on stand too so that he can use them for quick travels.

CLICK NEXT to read some more CRAZY demands made by Justin. The food and suite demands may take you by surprise.

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