Did Virat Kohli insist on wearing blue even while working at a Dominos outlet? (Pic Courtesy: thenews.com.pk)

Recently, Virat Kohli was spotted rolling out the round base of pizzas at a Dominos Pizza outlet. A short clip of his stint at the famous pizza eatery turned viral and everyone began to talk about it. While some claimed that this is a flashback video, others argued that looks like he recently went there, courtesy his short hair and heavy stubble look. Also, this talked about outlet where he is clicked is situated in Pakistan. This even led to more speculations. Here’s the reality of the video. The joke doing the rounds was that the cricketer was bleeding blue even when he was at Dominos! Such is his love for our country and its colour that symbolises India.
Watch the video below….

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If you still didn’t get what it is, here’s the real deal. This man in the clip is a guy-next-door living in Pakistan and working at a Dominos outlet over there. He was spotted at the outlet doing his daily job just when someone discovered that he unbelievably resembles Virat Kohli especially when his head is bent. A short clip of this lookalike in Pakistan has turned such a hot property on social media that it has over 346 k likes, 2.6k comments and 2,643 shares.

Virat Kohli and his Pakistani doppleganger (Pic Courtesy: thenews.com)

Wonder what Virat Kohli had to say about this? After all, he has never had to work at a restaurant. Rather he owns restaurants of his own!

But Dear Virat, all celebs have dopplegangers and that just adds to their celebdom. You gotta be happy.

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