Kriti Sanon women's day
Kriti Sanon

Women are the finest creation of God. We are busy celebrating Women’s day today, Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon has chosen to celebrate it in another way. Bollywood divas like Priyanka Chopra, Alia Bhatt, Sunny Leone, Madhuri Dixit, Sushmita Sen wished their followers and some also shared inspiring messages, thoughts and images. Kriti Sanon has come up with an important message on this special day that has once again highlighted the plight of women in Indian society.

Kriti shared a video on social media wherein she is boasting a message how the streets are still unsafe for women and how the society just keep on talking about women’s safety instead of taking any initiatives.

Watch the video below: 

Here we go again. #HappyWhatever #InternationalWomensDay

Publié par Ms.Taken sur mardi 7 mars 2017