Priyanka Chopra posted a pic on Insta and people claimed she's got another lip job (Pic Courtesy: Instagram/YouTube)

A lot has gone behind Priyanka Chopra’s beauty. Many years ago, the model who became Miss World, stepped into Bollywood and changed herself completely (well, if not completely, quite a lot, we’d say). And now that ‘change’ is chasing her like the vodafone pug – with you wherever you go. So, recently, when she uploaded a new picture on social media, she got loaded with comments that lamented she got herself a lip job, yet again!

What was meant to be just another Insta upload, turned into a series of comments that made everyone rethink the fact that — she might have got a touch up done to her lip job. Here are the comments that she was showered with the minute her latest selfie was up for all to see.

Summer lovin… ????? #carfiesunday

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Right from — “Ugly Lips and nose”, “What have you done to your lips…surgery surgery…you were so beautiful,” to “What’s wrong with her lips? I think she had surgery” — a bulk of messages on her Insta page hinted towards the fact that her fans and followers preferred her natural lips than the touched up ones.

Screenshot of comments on Priyanka Chopra’s photo (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)
Screenshot of comments on Priyanka Chopra’s photo (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

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Ever since Priyanka became a household face, her lips and nose have become a topic of national interest. After all, like many other actresses of the film industry, Pee Cee — who used to be criticized heavily for her not-so-flattering features — went under the knife and got her lips and nose in a much, much desirable shape.

The shape of Priyanka Chopra’s lips has changed over the years (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)

And the results were for all to see. But over the course of time, strangely though, the shape of her lips has never stopped ‘changing’. From her original lips which had a visible cupid bow to the touched up lips that were all plumped up, and to the now, more defined pout — Pee Cee seems to be treating her lips like journalists treat their drafts — polishing and editing them until the final cut.

Here’s how the shape of Priyanka Chopra’s lips has changed over the years (Pic Courtesy: Twitter)


But what is the final cut for Pee Cee? Every latest photo of hers drops multiple hints of a lip retouch if not a full-on surgery. Is she not happy with the shape of her lips or is it plain obsession? Or is it a lip-plumper that she recently used that’s giving her a ‘new, and more defined’ shape?

Summer sun #sunglasses #SunglassesDay

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Shoot life selfie.. when nothing is surprising anymore!! #bigbrowneyes #surpriseme

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Who cares about that? As long as she continues to look gorgeous, and does our country proud by being a well-known face amidst all the phoren goras, we’re okay with the changes she does to herself. Usually, she does not end up looking like Koena Mitra or even Anushka Sharma – this girl knows how to use the knife — no, not in the kitchen — on her features. Sharp, very sharp, we’d say.

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