India’s most inspirational celebrity, former model, actor and fitness promoter; Milind Soman turns 51 today. The simple man of Bollywood who won our hearts with Alisha Chinai’s ‘Made In India’ has not only come a long way but also given us some really wonderful memories to hold on to. Whether its melting our hearts in Captain Vyom or empowering women at Pinkathon today, Milind Soman can definitely inspire you for life.

milind soman diet sugar freeRead what happens to your body when you follow his ditch sugar!

Being a runner himself, Milind Soman suggests his fans and viewers to quit sugar completely. Instead, he advises them to stick to other healthier options such as jaggery and honey. Honey in fact is filled with beneficial properties that will not only improve your health but also help you attain flawless and radiant skin.

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