Here's a quick look at celebrity foodgrams that completely baffle us (Pic Courtesy: Instagram)

Admit it, food instagrams are the latest rage. It’s not just the-girls-next-door who click their pizzas before loading them with the oregano and tearing them into slices with the mozarella splashing here, there and everywhere, our favourite celebs too click before they chew into their food. Here’s what it reveals about their daily eating habits!


Just because they are celebs, don’t be mistaken for believing that they are always served with heavy, gourmet delights. If you take a closer look at what’s usually on their plates, chances are you will get to see more of the plate and less of the food. Don’t believe us? Here’s a quick look at their latest foodgrams.

Local food for my #praguediaries??

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  1. Priyanka Chopra shared a pic of this soup while she travelled through the enigmatic Prague. Just a soup is what she had to share? We were expecting some delectable cheese and cake with some wine. But then, as much as we love carbs, our waistlines don’t. They expand the minute they are introduced to carbs, no?


Healthy lunch….#chickpeatagine @snehatyrewala

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2. The curvaceous Malaika Arora Khan loads up on chickpeas and paneer salad and that’s her lunch. Yep, just that. And we used to believe that it’s the aam aadmi who needs to ditch the carbs courtesy his sedentary armchair lifestyle. But look at them! These celebs workout like beasts and still need to eat like they have to fill up their hands, not their stomachs.

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Dinner ? @rawpressery

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3. Meanwhile, Jacqueline Fernandez just killed us by sharing her dinner meal. It’s a teeny weeny bottle of Tomato Soup from Raw pressery. Is this soup for dinner the reason behind her washboard abs in that famous song ‘Mujhe toh teri lat lag gaye?’

Breakfast Club ??

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4. Amy Jackson’s petite figure almost made us believe that she’s born with that frame and would hardly ever need to watch what she eats. But the minute we saw her foodgrams, we were in for the harsh reality of life — that you gotta keep those evil carbs away so that they don’t make your belly round!

Amy’s breakfast — from her foodgrams seems to be — a single (yes, single) slice of toast with avocadoes as a topping (forget butter), along with some berries and a green or berry smoothie.

Fuel ?

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On days when she’s not eating the avocado toast, she’s in for some berries, shredded almonds with some greek yogurt, green tea and a cup of coffee!
(If by any chance you down a big bowl of muesli in the name of breakfast, please don’t be so guilty!)

Fruit by the ocean ?

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5. One always dreams of some chilled beer with some dry snacks to chomp on at a vacay. But Alia Bhatt rather have that plate of a few diced fruits while enjoying the ocean. Be natural – after all, she’s got to be a ‘Highway’ girl on some days and ‘Badri Ki Dulhania’ on other days. Can’t tuck in a lot of calories, you see.

6. Alright, Bhumi Pednekar, Ayushmaan Khurranna’s fat wife in ‘Dum Laga Ke Haisha’ shed around 20 kilos post the film. Today, she’s a follower of holistic and clean eating.

Hello you smiling festive people, I hope my last few posts have been helpful. These are things that worked for me. Today, I am sharing what I eat in the second half of the day ? At around 4-4.30pm, I eat half a papaya or an apple / pear / guava. After an hour or so, I have a cup of green tea with few almonds or walnuts. Around 7:00pm, I have a big bowl of salad with all salad greens, maybe add an apple, and some walnuts or some dried berries if seasonal ones are unavailable – dressed with olive oil and balsamic vinegar or some olive chilli oil with garlic and mustard, or some apple cider vinegar. I try and make this fun, so at times I add grilled chicken or feta cheese. By 8.30pm, I have my dinner which is usually grilled fish or chicken (there are a lot of easy-to-make recipes available on the internet. Keep experimenting!). On days I want to eat a vegetarian meal, it is usually fresh, grilled or slightly pan cooked paneer / tofu, stir fried or steamed vegetables (seasoned as you like) with a small cup of brown rice or a thin multi-grain roti. I try eating as less carbs as possible at night. Don't get intimidated by the regime.Try and come up with a schedule that works for you 🙂 Eating right and working out in the correct manner is the only way to do it, people.

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Her daily food intake consists of – fruits, half a bowl porridge, green tea, papaya, salad and grilled fish or steamed veggies. Hmmm!

7. Our only hope was Shilpa Shetty. After all, she is an avid yoga practitioner, a follower of healthy eating. Hence, she would be eating to her heart’s content and not starving at all – thanks to being blessed with an hourglass figure and being someone who knows how to sweat it out. But then, after a keen look at her regular foodgrams…. here’s what we found.

Shilpa Shetty is a small eater. She takes carbs mainly for breakfast. That too not so much. A small portion of muesli and a bite or so of brown bread is all that she can afford to keep that waist in a line and not in a round circle!

P.S. Putting a giant sized guilt aside, I’m reaching out for my pizza. Die-t another day.

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