Rakhi Sawant’s b**bs — just liker her — are old and disinteresting. But what will a person do if her celebdom is suddenly lost, and nobody gives a damn as to what she’s doing or not doing.

Here’s what she’s been doing on her social media page in order to get your attention back.

  1. SHOWING OFF HER UNDIES! Really *sick*

Admit it – Rakhi Sawant was never talked about for her acting prowess or even her dance moves. It was her silicon valley, her outragousness and her controversies that always kept her in the news and kept her celebdom alive, which also meant she was getting work. In a scenario, when there is enough outrageous stuff around to be seen, there’s Sunny Leone and a host of uncountable celebs who have the oomph to catch our eyes, and there are trillions of controversies everyday, WE HAVE FORGOTTEN RAKHI SAWANT. And she can’t accept it. Hence, she’s resorting to various desperate moves to get it back.

2. Putting up her legs on social media. Do you find them oomphalicious? We just wanted to puke.

3. When no amount of body show works, one can always resort to some outrageous activities. Who knows the media might give her some attention assuming she’s a lesbian. Any publicity is good publicity. But heard of something called, “major failure”? Ha ha!

4. Rakhi also went for a world tour of sorts. She flew to the US of A and also to Dubai. And tried some English accent over there to bring some delight to the Dubai citizens. Now, epic fail is the word.

5. She even tried on some mighty heavy pieces of jewellery. A bedecked Rakhi took to Instagram (obviously, she has social media to her rescue. Who wants to watch her on TV, anyways?), and spoke to her “fans”, about the jewellery! Did you even notice?

6. When nothing works, Rakhi can also try to put up a “no-makeup selfie”, but only some b**b display for some attention. But not all horrible things get attention, or do they?

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7. Workout videos are the latest thing to catch some Instagram fame. That girl with perfect butt got her fame via this medium, so did Bani J. Almost all actresses have their workout video on their social media accounts and got us hooked on to their diet and workout regimes. But the way Rakhi Sawant works out, does not really work out for her! Check out the video above to see.


Now, if you don’t realise, what all measures she has thought of – you got to watch this. When skin show, outrageousness, foreign tours, et al do not give her the much needed ‘TRPs’ or clicks or likes, she even literally cries for your attention, when she hurts herself. That’s Rakhi Sawant 2.0, we think.

And if you still don’t give her the ‘bhaav’ she so desperately wants, this babe will FINALLY, GIVE UP and say, “Haar Gaye Hain. Hey Prabhu, agle janam mohey Rakhi Sawant na keejo.”
We hope with the bottom of our hearts that the Almighty listens to her and fulfills this wish. Amen 😛

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