This actress gave a rape scene with his cousin for Daku Haseena. The scenario during the shooting was unbelievable!

Jeenat Aman played a girl in the 1987 film ‘Daku Haseena’, in which she became a dacoit for revenge for the death of her parents. In this film, her cousin brother Raza Murad was in the role of Villain (Bhanwar Singh). The special thing is that a rape scene was also included in the film between the siblings.

Daku Haseena

Zeenat Aman and Raza Murad

When Murad was told that he had to shoot a rape sequence with Jeenat, he withdrew. Because there was only one thing in his mind that she was his cousin sister. Director of the film Ashok Rao tried a lot to persuade him. But he was just saying how he can shoot rape scene with her sister.

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