Kapil Sharma reveals his touching story from struggle to fame in 4 statements!

Kapil Sharma, one of India’s leading comedians and artists is celebrated all over the world today because of his insane mimicry, acting chops and the sensational voice he possesses. The star however, did not have a smooth beginning. Kapil himself has talked about going through some really difficult and desperate times before success and fame beckoned.

This is his story and how Kapil became from just another ordinary Amritsari boy to the comedian and actor he is today. Scroll down for more.

Kapil Sharma (picture courtesy: businessofcinema)

Kapil started off his journey from the 10th grade when he worked at a phone booth to earn pocket money. It was right when his father passed away and left a financial burden on his shoulders. Kapil then started doing comedy, theatre and plans and spent 10 years to build a career there.

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