Irrfan Khan and Saba Qamar in a still from ‘Hindi Medium’ (Pic Courtesy: YouTube)

The best thing about Bollywood is that it reflects and explains human perception in such a way no book or theory or presentation can. This time, it’s about the biggest and unspoken obsession of India – THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. ‘Hindi Medium’, starring Irrfan Khan and Pakistani actress Saba Qamar handles this obsession so beautifully that it’s almost unbelievable.

Irrfan and Saba are a middle-class couple who aspire to have their daughter admitted in a plush English Medium School. Their desperation comes from the fact that English is not just a language but a matter of ‘class’ in Indian societies. A person who cannot speak the Queen’s language fluently, feels not just low class, but also cut off from the society -the society of the rich and educated, to be precise. Irrfan plays the common man with such ease, he looks like the middle-class father next door. And debutante Saba is effortlessly natural as the Indian mother who would go to any heights to ensure her child has a better life than hers.

Watch the trailer here. We bet you will freeze for a few seconds. That lump in your throat will come floating upwards towards your eyes.