Milind Soman is gearing up for his next big race (Pic Courtesy: instagram)

As much as he makes women — across all age groups — fantasize over him, he makes the men equally insecure. Obviously, it took him a lot of dedication and discipline to get there. We’re talking about supermodel-turned-actor-turned-Pinkathon-founder Milind Soman. The moment we get over what he was doing a few weeks ago, he’s upto something newer and more challenging.

MiSo is now gearing up for the first 220 kilometers race which is from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi, from September 1 to 3. That’s some major enthusiasm, we say. This guy is unstoppable. But to him, it’s more of a yet another extended workout. That’s how he sounded when Movie Review Preview had a quick one-minute chat with this super racer on what gets him going and how he prepares for such jaw-dropping adventures…

1.What goes into your prep for such a long race?
Everything I have done in my life has prepared me for this. So no particular training, no particular diet. But yes, rest is a major part of the strategy to get through the distance in time.

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2.What’s your go-to-food during such a race?
During the run, I like Ragi Porridge and Cold Coffee.

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3. Do you ever face any hindrances during such tasks? If yes, which are those?
Such tasks are all unexplored territory for me physically, mentally and emotionally. Everything is unpredictable.

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4. Like Pinkathon (is for breast cancer), is there any particular awareness program related to this race?
No, just awareness of human potential. (laughs)


We’re looking forward to seeing him accomplish yet another feat. Keep coming back to this space to get the latest updates on him.

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