Radhe Maa
Godwoman “Radhe Maa”

Controversy’s favourite child is back in the limelight for she is making an acting debut now. The telly mills are abuzz that the very famous Godwoman “Radhe Maa” will soon be seen in a web series. Here comes the best part, You won’t believe what the series will be called? The web series will be named, “No Casting No Couch Only Ouch?’ We are wondering who came up with the idea of “Ouch” and what does it really stand for? The self-proclaimed goddess will play herself in the movie and will be portrayed as the guiding light of the protagonist.

Producer Ramman Handa replies, “It is actually a way to make people meet the real Radhe Maa. To me, her name means ‘Rah De Maa’, which means, ‘Show us the way, mother’. And that is what she will do in the series; she plays the messenger of God, who brings the protagonist out of depression.”

Apparently, the shoot is taking place at Radhe Maa’s bungalow and the producer specifically mentioned the comfort which she shared with the camera. He says, “She was spontaneous and co-operative. It was easy because she was playing herself. The result has turned out to be good.”

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