Mira Rajput has just had her foot in the mouth. She did something that she recently said she will never do. Here’s the whole fiasco. And why we think Mrs Shahid Kapoor is now in a fix and should watch her words from now on.


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Not so long ago, we heard Mira claiming with the mike in her hands at an event that she loves to be by her daughter’s side all day, and by no means she would want to be a mother who sees her child for only an hour and rush off.  “I love being at home, I love being a mother to my child, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wouldn’t want to spend one hour a day with my child and rush off to work. Why did I have her? She is not a puppy, you know,” Mira was quoted as saying.

Mira Rajput recently said at a public event that her daughter is not a puppy, and she wants to be there for her all the time (Pic Courtesy: Bollywoodlife)

Only 3 months post this announcement of hers, we see Mira travelling to London for a destination wedding, with hubby Shahid along with her. Now, as per reports, baby Misha — who is around 10 months old — is not with her parents Mira and Shahid in the UK. So, here comes the verdict —

Dear Mira,
Amidst all the fashion reports of how you slayed the destination wedding like a true blue royal along with your hubby, we fail to understand as to where did all your boasting of ‘I will not leave my baby alone ever’ vanish? Since we see you’re there for a host of wedding and pre-wedding ceremonies, looks like it will be a good 5 days or so without your baby.

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So, are you not missing her? At International Women’s Day, when you spoke about ‘not choosing to be a working mom since you want to be with your baby’, you shamed all the working women, who have to leave their babies at home to earn their bread and butter (or supplement their husband’s income – either ways, it’s the same thing), which is kind of a necessity.

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While necessities can’t be ignored, and one has to work to make ends meet, you, on the other hand, could have given the London wedding a royal miss. The wedding wouldn’t have stopped if you’d have chosen not to go, and spend time with your baby, instead. After all, she’s not a puppy.

It just means that somethings are supposed to be done, and one has to prioritise. You chose the wedding, other women in the world — who are not married to a filmstar — choose a job. Next time you’re called to speak at an event, don’t be a feminist or a feminazi or even be like the chauvinist men. Just be yourself. Be Human.

P.S. Meanwhile, in Mumbai, Kareena Kapoor Khan and Saif take turns to hit the gym, for as per reports, they don’t like to leave baby Taimur alone at home – as per reports. 

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