Sony TV to ditch Kapil Sharma
Sony TV to ditch Kapil Sharma
Sony TV to ditch Kapil Sharma, planning to offer a new show to Sunil Grover

Since the mid-air brawl took place between Kapil Sharma, Sunil Grover and other team members of he show. The Kapil Sharma Show has been constantly seeing a huge dip in TRPs. And now more bad news is in store for the ace comedian as reports claiming that Sony Entertainment Television might pull the plug on The Kapil Sharma Show and replace it with a brand new show. Now, the channel is planning to cancel kapil’s contract, reportedly fed up of Kapil’s tantrums. Sony TV to ditch Kapil Sharma and planning to invest in new show.

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Sony TV has tried its best to get Sunil Grover back on The Kapil Sharma show, but he seems not to be returning. In such a situation, being a business, Sony TV is planning something bigger. According to a report, Sony TV is thinking about starting a new comedy show with Sunil Grover by ditching Kapil Sharma.

Speaking on the same, a source told a leading daily that, “They are terribly disappointed with how much bad press the entire Kapil Sharma episode has brought to the channel and the show. The ratings have dipped way more than what they thought it would and they are mostly not signing Kapil anymore. In fact, they might pull plugs on The Kapil Sharma Show once and for all.”

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A source told the DNA, “They are planning to invest in Sunil now for a different show altogether. Ever since the fight happened, even rival channel Colors (who have a long standing issue with Kapil) has approached Sunil for a show but he has not signed anything. Sony has rights to his characters — Rinku bhabi and Dr Mashoor Gulati— and they also earn a chunk of money from his live shows where he performs in his avatars…So they might have a show with these characters.

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