This is the secret food item Milind Soman munches on while travelling to keep himself fit & in shape

Milind Soman tells you to eat what you know and know what you eat (Pic Courtesy: Facebook/On the Run)

Milind Soman is perhaps the only Indian ‘fitness’ icon who’s 51-years old. That’s because he looks not a day beyond 40 and has the fitness level that can put a 20 something to shame. Mostly, those who’re smitten by his boyish charm are left wondering as to how the hell does he maintain himself? Yeh khaata kya hai? Of course, Soman eats clean and works out regularly. But does that mean he never eats junk at all? Or that he’s never tempted to gorge on any packaged food for lack of time? Here’s the inside story.

‘EYE’ FOR DETAIL: Milind Soman explains how to read the labels before buying something ready to eat (Pic Courtesy: Facebook/On the Run)

Does Milind Soman never ever looks at packaged food? Then how does he maintain his diet when he’s on the go? “I have fruits for breakfast and a homemade khichdi for lunch. But that’s when I’m at home. When I’m outside, I often miss the fact that I can’t have one of my favourite meals i.e. porridge along with some nuts and raisins. I usually wish that it would be good if I could pack something that’s healthy, clean and also energy-laiden,” the Pinkathon founder said in a recent video.

PACKAGE DEAL: If Milind Soman has to eat an energy bar, this is the one he chooses (Pic Courtesy: Facebook/On The Run)

So, here’s the deal. This Ultraman has found a solution to his travel needs — an energy bar that’s healthy, clean, gluten free, sugar free and very mobile. When he ought to be outside and busy running (and does not have the time to carry his usual homemade bar made of jaggery and ragi) he carries this ‘On The Run’ energy bar that has hazelnuts, dates, oats, cranberry, honey, butter and ashwagndha. In a nutshell, it does not have any added sugar or preservatives that can harm his health.

Since he’s wise enough to know what’s inside the food he intakes, he reads and scans the labels meticulously before buying it. In this video below, watch Milind show you how to read the ingredients on packed foods.

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