Salman Khan and Ahil Sharma (picture courtesy: Instagram)

Bollywood actor and superstar Salman Khan is spending a lot of time with his baby nephew Ahil Sharma. The 51 year old who has often expressed his love for children earlier never misses an opportunity to be with his little munchkin. Whether it’s travelling to far off places on his birthday or even letting him play with his bracelet, Salman literally does all of that. He has not only shown us signs of a great uncle but also seems like a great future parent. Scroll down to see the video of him playing with Ahil.

Salman Khan and Ahil Sharma (picture courtesy: Instagram)

This isnt the first time we’ve seen Salman and Ahil spend time together. There have been so many photos of the two hanging out earlier and goodness! They look like father and son more than anything else. Salman also sings for Ahil to put a smile on his face and Ahil reverts back in the cutest way ever.

Salman Khan playing with his nephew Ahil Sharma is too cute to handle! #SalmanKhan #Bollywood #BollywoodActor #AhilSharma

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Salman is so serious about having children that he might seriously have one next year. The actor had mentioned during an interview that he wants his parents to see his kids as early as possible. Now that is really very sweet of the actor!