When @iamsrk showed #BradPitt how to make it big in Bollywood. #WarMachine May 26.

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Recently, Brad Pitt – one of Hollywood’s superstars had a long rendezvous with Shah Rukh Khan – one of Bollywood’s superstars. Pitt’s latest film – the Netflix released ‘War Machine’ will hit the theatres this Friday. And the hunk flew down to Mumbai as a part of his promotional tour.


All was well, SRK seated besides Brad, the two discussing films, stardom and living with it, how scenes are shot in the US of A and how they are shot in India. But in the midst of all this, all we were wondering was – what the hell was Shah Rukh Khan wearing?

We know that Brad Pitt belongs to the oh-so-cool-‘Hollywood’, where all Indian actors aspire to be. Yes, SRK, we also know that while you are nearing 61, Brad Pitt is only 53. Hence, all the more need for our Mr Khan to look ‘young’ and ‘cool’. But being tied up in that ‘pressure’, SRK — perhaps took out his boho clothes from an old wardrobe — and forgot to look his dapper self. Ending up as ‘under-dressed and shabby’.


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Just look at how decent and dapper Brad looked in this picture above. A neat hairdo, french beard, shaded glasses, and a beige coloured suit worn with a white t-shirt, not to forget the white shoes  – was a perfect combo of semi-formals that also helped him survive Mumbai’s humid weather.

And now, take a close look at how Shah Rukh Khan looked – very light coloured denim jacket, sand coloured tee along with sand coloured casual pants, teamed up with a pair of shoes that looked neither clearly white nor of any other colour. His whole look gave us an impression that he stormed out of his shooting sets. And what was the need to wear those glares inside the venue is also something we failed to understand.


While Shah Rukh Khan might have had a deeply knowledgeable conversation and exchange of thoughts with Brad Pitt, we’re wondering if SRK left a not-so-great impression on the angrezi superstar as far as dressing up is concerned. Needless to say – Khan looks better than this even when he steps out to watch the IPL matches.

Mr Khan, you keep meeting all the videshi stars whenever the opportunity rises, so next time, please make sure you have proper and neat formals in place. Even expensive clothes, when not worn properly, leave a bad impression.


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