Baba Ramdev will soon be seen taking deep breaths on the sets of a Bollywood film (Pic Courtesy: pinterest/

Ranveer Singh rubbed shoulders with Baba Ramdev a few months ago, and even tried to emulate his unbelievable yoga asanas. At that time, little did he know that the two will be rubbing shoulders again soon, and this time, not for Yoga, but in Ranveer’s own territory– that of Bollywood. Baba Ramdev is planning to debut in Bollywood soon.

Baba Ramdev, the Yogi who traversed from being a Godman to popular Yoga guru to a celebrity to a business tycoon (thanks to Patanjali products, India’s consumer market has shifted from chemical laiden stuff to Ayurvedic products in everything from their daily shampoo to their atta) has another territory to invade – the film industry.

Baba Ramdev on the stage of Nach Baliye 8 (Pic Courtesy: twitter)

“He’s foraying into films with the patriotic-drama ‘Yeh Hai India’ in which he features in the song “Saiyan Saiyan”, written by Tapesh Panwar and sung by Javed Ali,” as per a news report. The story of ‘Yeh Hai India’ is of a young NRI has an extremely narrow vision of India, but realises later that he was wrong about his  stereotypical vision of his own country.


The film’s producer has been quoted as saying that Ramdev is constantly showered with Bollywood film offers, but he always declines them since his vision doesn’t match with the scripts offered. But this film caught his interest as it apparently reflects “the soul of India”.
Meanwhile, the debutante Yogi has told the media that India is no more a country of snakes and spices, and it will be leading the world soon. And ‘Yeh Hai India’ mirrors this development, hence he decided to be a part of it.


Directed by Lom Harsh, Yeh Hai India stars Gavie Chahal and Brit model-actress Deana Uppal. The film was recently shot in Rajasthan, Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and even Gujarat to showcase India’s diversity.

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We hope he taught a lot of asanas to all his crew members. Looking forward to see him venture into a new territory. Bollywood, are you ready?