Film Padmavati is on the waiting list of viewers for a long time who especially much fond of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s theme which bound us with its colourful set, classical dance, ethnic costume and needless to say film’s Plot also. Padmavati is also driven out the same but what pinches the people here who has risen the outrage on Padmavati set.

a video of protesters trying to beat up Sanjay Leela Bhansali is doing the rounds on the internet where you can literally see people tearing off Bhansali’s kurta and also hitting him on his head. In fact, firing by Bhansali’s security guard too has been reported amid the scuffle.

“”The film is presenting wrong facts about ‘Padmavati’. Our basic protest is about distortion of historical facts which will not be tolerated.” said an activist Vikram Singh, from Karni Sena who claimed that Ranveer Singh recently mentioned about a love making dream sequence between him(Allaudin Khilji) and Deepika(Rani Padmavati) in the film which according to them was never a part of the history. Rani Padmavati never returned the love to Allaudin Khilji and that she eventually committed Jauhar. (More : OMG! Shreya Ghoshal’s song was removed from Shah Rukh Khan’s Raees. This is how she reacted!)

People across social media came in favour of Bhansali’s side as they are debunking the fact that what protesters are claiming about Ranveer Singh. (More : OMG! This international actor and HOT actress will appear on the Kapil Sharma Show! )