Someone who is in love is ready to do anything. Our bollywood celebs also did not fail to do so. There are many celebs who did crazy things to prove their love. One of them is Parveen Babi she was on top of her acting carrer when she is  in love with Mahesh Bhatt in 1977 but mahesh bhatt was married that time and parveen was recovering from the shock of her breakup with kabir bedi. Parveen Babi was superstar of  her time and started living in a live-in with mahesh bhatt.


Two were so close that love was the only place between them. It is said that one night when  mahesh bhatt was annoyed with parveen,and he went from there and Parveen then ran behind him. Parveen did not think it was blinded by love that she has nothing to wear.

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