Ever since Bigg Boss 11 started, there has been quite a talk regarding celebrities and their relationships. After Bandgi Kalra’s boyfriend Dennis slammed her for getting physically intimate with Puneesh, we have Divya Agarwal (Priyank Sharma’s ex girlfriend) who is very unhappy with his relationship with Benafsha Soonawalla and his rumoured relationship with producer Vikas Gupta who is currently an eminent part of the show. During a latest interview, Divya had quite a bit to say about Priyank and his relationship with Vikas. Scroll down to read some exclusive details.

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Vikas Gupta and Priyank Sharma (picture courtesy: India Today)

According to a famous entertainment portal, Divya confesses that she used to hang out with Vikas and Priyank both and that Priyank’s behaviour has changed drastically ever since he re-entered the house. To quote her properly, she said “I saw a massive change in attitude when he re-entered the house whether it was in terms of friendship or brotherhood. Vikas, Priyank and I used to hang out together. I know how much he has done for him. Priyank ne ussi se panga le liya” That just clearly goes to show that Vikas and Priyank were good friends and that the young Splitsvillan ruined everything for himself.

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Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal (picture courtesy: Indiatoday)

Second, when she was asked about Priyank being a Casanova, Divya replied saying “I am hearing rumours of all sorts. The one with Vikas Gupta was funny. If I answering questions, I am grabbing attention but if I stay mum, I am not supporting him. It is a do or die situation. In my case, a die and die situation.” Divya again here supported the fact that Priyank and Vikas are just friends and real good pals in fact but he has made some major mistakes and she is not keen on having him back.

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Benafsha Soonwalla and Priyank Sharma (picture courtesy: voot)

During the same interview, Divya also spoke of how Benafsha and Priyank have misused the meaning of friendship and that she wouldn’t have crossed her limits like Benafsha with a guy she calls her ‘best friend’. Clearly, a whole lot of things are on fire inside the Bigg Boss house and relationships too have taken a major turn for some of the celebs. Will things improve for Priyank and Divya? Let us know in the comment section below.