Salman Khan, Akash Dadlani and Lucinda Nicholas (picture courtesy: pinkvilla)

Every year there is some or the other love angle created inside the Bigg Boss house. This time it’s rapper Akash Dadlani who is desperately trying to woo Australian beauty Lucinda Nicholas. The rap artist is literally crazy about the pretty Aussie babe and keeps chasing her around the house. Not only that, he spoke to her a day after she entered the house and said he wanted a kiss. Surprisingly, Lucinda hasn’t reacted much to all of his nonsense. Instead, she smiles and laughs it off. Salman Khan however, did not like how he was behaving with the Lucinda and he slammed her back. Scroll down to see what happened.

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Akash Dadlani and Lucinda Nicholas (picture courtesy: pinkvilla)

Akash Dadlani apparently told Shilpa in an unseen footage that he wanted to kiss Lucinda’s lips. He also said that he wanted to taste them. Shilpa creeped out after hearing the comment as it came across quite pervy and other the top. Later on we saw him annoying Lucinda when she was doing yoga. He said things like he wanted to kiss her and that she should pucker her lips but she simply ignored.

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Salman Khan and Akash Dadlani (picture courtesy: bollywoodlife)

Salman Khan who is very respectful towards the ladies didn’t spare Akash for his nonsensical comments. He slammed the rapper apparently and showed his disgust towards him. After all, he is being creepy and is harassing the lady upto a certain extent. It is one thing to have a crush on someone and another to annoy. Seems like Akash doesn’t know where to draw the line.